Google Day Monterrey 2016

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  • Google Day Monterrey
    Google Day Monterrey

Google invited Alebrije Estudios to be part of the Google Day Monterrey event. It took place in Horno 3 Museum, a symbol of the industrial history of the city.

It was a day where we had the chance to meet with marketing and communication leaders from several companies, and learn about the current digital scene and the new trends in technology and communication. The Google Team focused in the tools and best practices that bring more value to the company, and the importance that video and mobility have nowadays.

We also have the opportunity to talk and discuss about the future technological projects and creative ideas that Ternium, one of our clients, have for the upcoming year. Back in 2013, we developed a Digital Catalog for iPad, where the user can learn about the company and the different steel-based products that Ternium has.

Visit to know the different tools that Google offers, we strongly recommend to visit the Micro-Moments section.