Our Development Process

With the mission of guaranteeing quality products, we base all our projects on a certain standard with which we not only ensure a great operation of the product, but also the security of its realization and fulfillment of the way in which each client requests.

Team meeting

We listen to the ideas and goals of each client and together we begin to form a more solid project, with a better vision of what we want to achieve.


Once you have clear what you want to do, it's time to define how to do it. That balance between the desired project and the reality. This helps to have a project finished in an established period of time and with a controlled price.


A visual architecture (Wireframe) is created to establish the operation and how all the pages will be connected. This is essential to ensure the best user experience.

Design and Development

It begins to create the visual appearance of how the project will look, selecting colors, types of letters, styles, icons, etc. Development begins, starting with its main functions until it finishes the implementation of the design.


Beta-Testing consists in performing different tests in the application under different conditions and environments to be sure your application will have the least number of bugs, and in this way, end users will have a more comfortable experience.

Store publishing

Once the application is finished, the publishing process begins in the App Store and/or Play Store. After the publication, the application is monitored to solve any problems that may arise.

We recommend to our customers that they be aware of the application's comments on possible improvements for future updates on a second version of the application, restarting the application development process.